Model SP-8

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Model SP-8

Model SP-8
SUPA8 is the pioneer keypad for control panels which have a digital dialler built-in which allows alarm messages to be sent to either a monitoring company or a friend's or relative's telephone.

Of course, good looks have as much to do with function as form. The keypad has large, easy-to-read, soft-touch keys; a hinged door that hides everything out of the way of inquisitive fingers; and a set of simple, no-nonsense status display lights.

. 8 zones
. Sixteen user codes
. Home & Away modes of arming
. Panic, Duress, Test and Quick-arm codes
. Arm/Disarm remotely using any telephone
. Trigger panic from remote and zones etc.are well buffeted
. All inputs like AC, telephone and zones etc. are well buffeted with heavy duty lightning protection devices & design