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Lightning  Strike Counter (SLSC-10) :

The Lightning Strikes will be detected and recorded by the SLSC-10.
This functional device can show the intact operation of the lightning system.

By using an inductive record, the counter is able accurately count all lightning events for a later reference.

SLSC-10 works with an inductive effect of the lightning strike current.
The events are monitored by a mechanical counter display.
The counter includes a high frequency transformer.

  • Currents detected from 2 to 100 kA
  • Nonresetable
  • Mechanical Counter with  digits
  • Easy mountable
  • testable with a 9V battery
  • Does not require any external power supply
  • Produced according to IP67 (certified by TGM Laboratory)
  • Dimensions: 11,3 x 7 x 4,8 cm